What I Talk About When I Talk About Blogging

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I’ve had a lot of conversations in the past few months that start with people saying, “I really have been meaning to write or blog, but I just haven’t done it. Any advice on how to start and stick with it?”

Here are 12 things that I’ve learned since I started blogging in 2008:

  1. A structured time to write. Stephen King is famous for saying that step one in writing is to put your “butt in the chair.” Not glamorous, but true. 99% of my blog posts have been written on the train that I take home from work. And most of them come out very quickly – in 10-15 minutes. But I’ve discovered that when I don’t take the train, I don’t write blog posts. That’s when I write.
  2. Make a commitment. Commit to how much you’re going to publish / write / post. I’d suggest you aim high…

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This is the most delicious cake na natikman ko sa Ormoc City. Look, sobrang moisty tapos choco choco! ❤❤❤



Hello everyone! Hi sa inyong lahat!

Thank you for following and reading my very OA posts and mixed topics.
But for now, I deleted some of the previous uploaded entries. I want to clean the page and re-new everything. To change for the better. I am planning to have different section on my page about, BOOKS, FASHION, DIARY, ONE D, MUSIC, TRAVEL, 10 FACTS, & FOOD. So hopefully, you will stay with me, ‘til the end. Hihihi I got a lot of things to share.