Morning – Umagang Kay Ganda

Dear Diary,

Today is holiday.. But why is it my alarm is so unfair? <//3 I woke up at 4AM… Justice please! But yes, hello to the most beautiful and one and only sun! And today is a blessing for everybody, holiday means rest day for some, but for me … its review day!

Finals is indeed a dither week of all college students. Hayyyyy, I wish that I am good enough in Chem 11 and Math. Can someone help me out on this? This week is helluva week, TRUE! Can someone pamper me? please? wew!

Anyways, Good morning all, HAVE A GOOD MONDAY AHEAD OF YOU!

Love lots,
Jessy ❤


Love Note 101 – Endearments

Hi Baby,
Did you know why keep on calling you DAMULAG? Well, because you are. A big man who acts like a baby all the time. Did you also know why i liked to call you SEVENTEEN? It is because I want an endearment that is sweet and unique. And AHJ because it is your name, but i put an “H” In between so that i am the only one can call you that as in one word… AHJ! I am so sorry for being so warfreak at times.I love you.
#ThirdDay of Love